Dare Architects is an architectural studio founded by arch. Stanislav Stanislavov and arch. Daniel Dimitrov. We believe that buildings are more than the sum of their parts and constantly seek to achieve a synthesis of design, function and context.
As architects and designers we are fortunate to experience the overall process, from the first conceptual phase to the completion of high quality projects. We are eager to find pragmatic solutions with users as well as technical consultants, at the same time we are passionate to make sure that the original concept is carried through in the end result.

Conceptual design

Research and determine the owner’s criteria for the project. Utilizing the criteria established in Pre-design, graphically explore design alternative concepts.

Technical design

Refine and develop the design. Preparation of the technical and graphical documents that set forth the requirements for construction and obtaining government agency approvals.


BIM provides a more holistic, integrated approach to design and construction, providing the ability to perform simulations in a virtual environment.

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